Pangu denies launching iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak malware

In yesterday appeared some information suggesting that the program for iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak Helper PP would have included malware, and the case would have been broken or Facebook account or Paypal, and bank accounts, some users reporting including various sums that the money had been transferred from their accounts.

The allegations have caused a real hysteria on the Internet and in front of their people at Pangu defended themselves saying they are not so stupid as to integrate malware program offered to millions of users and is investigating the issue in hopes of discovering how faster main source of hack sites.

Asking users solution jailbreak, those in Pangu said that this year MySpace accounts and Tumblr were broken and data were stolen, they putting this hack on the fact that users should be used for accounts Paypal, Facebook or bank, same address email such as MySpace and Tumblr accounts if broken.

At the moment no one can certify smoothly that the programs offered by the Chinese are free of malware and any solution to jailbreak comes with its own problems, so when using the software of Chinese know that you are risking security, and zielele next we is probably the cause hack sites.

Hello everyone, this is the 4th jailbreak tool released by our team which means we should have some reputation even though we come from China(And we know most western users don’t trust Chinese software normally). So if any user thinks we are hacking your accounts that makes us feel sad deeply. Also we have not received any report of account breach from Chinese users. So may I ask those who have account breach issues, which version did u use, the CN or EN version? And we noticed that my space and tumblr account data are leaked this year, have u checked that if u are using same account? We want to find the root cause of this asap.


iPhone 7 and 7 Plus housings are compared in a new VIDEO

Carcasses iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus appear in a new video comparison during the day, various models presented in images being displayed this week again to allow us to better see who will be the differences between the two new smartphone- sites that Apple will launch.

As you can see in the pictures, we talk about a major difference in terms of the main camera of the two devices, and if Apple decides to include a Smart Connector for iPhone 7 Plus, he will also be available, but apart from these two features there will be nothing.

So far Apple has provided enclosures identical to its terminals iPhone screens 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, but it seems that this year we will have differences in terms of their design, so Apple appears to offer news quite large between two of its products.

Even if these skeletons in the video below are made on the basis of sketches for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus stolen from factories partners Apple devices real that will be launched in the autumn should look exactly the same, so there should be differences in what we receive.

SoftBank will buy iPhone processor maker

Japanese mobile operator SoftBank going to buy ARM Holdings, the company that creates architecture based processors that are produced for the vast majority of mobile handsets or tablets launched worldwide.

ARM Holdings owns the company that created the ARM architecture processors and chips, those from Apple using it to create chips Series A, but separately from Apple all major smartphones and tablets using the same technology in its own products launched globally.

Apple owns a small part of ARM Holdings, so you get a percentage of the 31 billion dollars that Softbank will spend to buy the entire stake of the company, and then will take a controlling position in negotiations with who gives smartphones and tablets for sale in Japan and beyond.

If SoftBank will complete this acquisition, it will be the largest ever made in Europe for an IT company, 31 billion dollars is still an investment rather small compared to what holds Japanese company and rezerverele its monetary, but it it will be extremely profitable by the position they will create for her.

The logo of SoftBank Group Corp is seen at the company's headquarters in Tokyo, June 30, 2016.   REUTERS/Toru Hanai

Softbank invested in 2013 in the acquisition of the mobile operator Sprint owns shares worth 65 billion dollars in Alibaba and is the largest investor behind Yahoo Japan, so we’re talking about a company specialized in investments to bring profit high and ARM Holdings is a major player in the mobile handset market.

SoftBank is nearing a deal to acquire ARM Holdings, the British semiconductor company, two people briefed on said who asked the matter not to be named discussing private information.
ARM, the which designs chips and parts of chips, had a market capitalization of about $ 22 billion as of Friday’s close. ARM would be one of SoftBank’s largest acquisitions ever.

At the closing of the stock market Friday, ARM Holdings had a market capitalization of 22 billion dollars, so those from Softbank will pay more than 10 billion euros above the stock of the company, but this will definitely deserve in the end because all the great manufacturers will be addicted to its products.

Even if SoftBank will buy ARM Holdings, Apple will not give up using its technologies in processors used in iPhones or iPad tablets, but in future the Cupertino plans to create their own architecture for these components, more than 1,000 engineers working this project.

Lenovo mocks Apple fans in a commercial for Yoga 900S

In the evening last company Lenovo released a new advert to promote YOGA 900S and how effectively the product can bring to the attention of the whole world except through Apple fans bantering and products that the Cupertino sells them at the moment?

The Lenovo thought advertising spot as a testimony of an Apple fan who compare YOGA 900S with a MacBook Air to present weaknesses or very product of Lenovo’s coming, of course, the advantage over the product of Cupertino .

To show you why Apple’s the best, we’re gonna compare my MacBook to this Lenovo Yoga 900S. Because Apple’s all about innovation. (bends reversible hinge) I mean, I’m sure the next MacBook’s gonna do that. I mean I think I read that on MacRumors.

Snapchat function launches iPhone Memories

Snapchat launched yesterday a new function for users’s global application, it being titled Memories and offering the ability to save in the application a collection of the most important snap sites and stories, they can be back here anytime directly iPhone on our terminals.

Separately standard options to create snap-ins or stories section Memories enables us to send what we already have saved, it has included an option that allows us to quickly search through the content that we, those from Snapchat automatically sending function becomes active when a message for us.

Memories is a new way to save a personal collection of your favorite snaps and Stories. Make new Stories, Memories send Snaps from, and easily find the moments you’re looking for with search. You’ll receive Chat from Team Snapchat when Memories is available for you to use.

In the section Memories, those from Snapchat have implemented a feature called My Eyes Only, thus enabling the concealment of certain snap sites and stories that users can see them only when they are in private, they are not displayed to the world that accesses that section.

We realized that Snapchatters  want to feel comfortable showing their  Memories to friends they’ re hanging out together, so we made it easy to move Snaps and Stories to My Eyes Only – and avoid awkward moments when a friend stumbles upon a Snap meant just for you.

Wallpaper for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Wallpapers change the look of a mobile terminal and if you find your perfect image when the terminal will be more pleasant and more attractive both for you and for friends who want to test it. Because you like wallpapers and you asked me to give you a few, have below Retina wallpapers for iPhone and Retina Wallpapers for iPad and are sure to find something that you like.All wallpapers can be put on any iDevice to iOS version of whatever you may have installed so you can choose what you like.

These wallpapers are available in standard format compatible with: iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3 iPod Touch, iPod Touch 5 iphone wallpaper

Although wallpapers have higher resolution than that of the old iDevice sites, they can be used without any problem if you have the correct format for each terminal separately. To save a wallpaper should access using Safari to access this article, wallpaper to open a new page, long press on the screen until you see the Save Image option that you select. A saved image can be found in Settings> Wallpaper> Camera Roll or directly from the Photos app main screen. To set the image as wallpaper you have two ways:

  • From the Settings> Wallpaper> Camera Roll choose pictures and press the Set button and then choose whether you want it to be displayed in the main screen only in LockScreen or both.
  •  From the iOS Photos app, select the picture, press the bottom left and choose Use as Wallpaper .

Cydia tweak Fancy will change the color theme of all iOS elements

People at our blog previewed Elaborate several weeks back as well as the tweak is now upward on Cydias Modmyi. Elaborate is a tweak that allows you to colorize the iOS components like Notification Center, Control Center, banner tellings and much more.
It either allows you to use the exact same color to any or all components or you also may use different colors to separate components.

Elaborate lets you use colors to lots of iOS parts:

  • Banners
  • Telling centre
  • Control center
  • HUDs
  • Dock
  • Computer Keyboard
  • Lockscreen
  • Highlight

The computer keyboard coloring is a fascinating thing because folks are just likely to visit a white along with a black computer keyboard overlay in the default option/stock iOS choices. While there is going to be tweaks to colorize the computer keyboard, Fancy looks an excellent solution to do it but as stated by the dev, it functions only when you’ve Bloard installed alongside it. Elaborate, by default, tints the iOS 9 computer keyboard just very slightly.
However, the tweak is very good otherwise.
Elaborate has one small bug that could be a large bother for a few of us. Should you place a Global Tint, it applies to any or all areas of the UI (computer keyboard, limelight, NC, CC etc.). In accordance with the tweaks description, you should have the ability to override the worldwide setting for the UI components by selecting a color from inside the Override segment. However, the override doesn’t work in any way. You’ll need to switch off the Global Tint after which use colors separately to all components.
The banner choice additionally includes cartoon fashion where you are able to select from three choices (Fade, slide left/right).

Download BigU Movies App iOS 9

Great Cydia programs are aplenty on Cydia App Store although not much of programs which function just like the bigU Movies app. Except streaming, bigU Movies let you download the pictures you want to keep. With this particular program installed in your iOS apparatus, it’s going to help you save lots of cash. Simply speaking, it’s a cracked source that provides you with unlimited free pictures.

It’s free to download bigU movie program but it isn’t free to get an account. But there are a number of unofficial methods to get a totally free bigU films user name and password. The unofficial login password enabled one to love free picture on any jailbreak iOS devices. In addition to that, this free account works on Android apparatus also.

The best way to Download BigU Movies Program

Measure 1: Before you start, it’s essential to test when your iOS apparatus is jailbreak. This is essential to jailbreak and download Cydia to your iOS apparatus so that you can download bigU film. Go to your own springboard and wiretap on Cydia icon to start it.

Measure 3: Pat in the Edit -> Add (it’s a little button situated on top right). Exploit in the Add Source button to carry on. Apart from this repo, it is also possible to download bigU Movies from AppCake repo.

As for iPad user, you only need to exploit on Sources right.

Step 4: Go back to Cydia Sources page and also you should have the ability to find out Official bigU Team Repo is added for your iOS apparatus. Exploit on such source and install bigU Movies program. Once it’s installed, it is possible to love seeing a large number of pictures for free with the report.

In case you believe bigU Movies really isn’t the best Cydia programs for you personally, try a few of these options: StreamKing, MovieBox.

Should you join film connected online community, you should be aware of that bigU is now an program that everyone has been talking about lately. Please think again before you download bigU Movies as the film website is quite addictive!

Measure 1: Access to the web site Click the Login button.

Measure 2: Scroll down and select the Forgot Password.

Measure 3: Send an e-mail to the Member Support. The email address may be acquired in the Important Notice: Please Read in the webpage. Wait for several minutes you then will get a legal user name and password for bigU Movies.

bigU pictures program

That is an established system that oneself can get a complimentary account for bigU Movies. The reason for giving this tutorial will be to provide the opportunity to possible buyer to examine bigU Movies program before purchasing it. Please pay $19.90 to purchase the program if you believe it really is worth for you. In addition, in the event you found a much better solution to download bigU Movies program, please share it away. What now?

iOS 8 Battery Indicator Cydia Tweak

We recently told you regarding the Alkaline theme platform, rendering it easy for users to modify the appearance of battery gauge on their apparatus status bar. Altering the battery gauge brings a huge change to the general appearance of the unit and makes it seem a lot different.

MacBattery subject alkaline

Now a fresh subject for Alkaline called MacBattery continues to be released in Cydia that brings Macbook like battery gauge to iOS 8.

Just so you understand Alkaline can also be a free tweak and can be obtained through Cydia.

It’s possible for you to download MacBattery theme for Alkaline free of charge from Cydia. After setup remember to use it throughout the Alkaline settings rather than from WinterBoard as both are standalone programs.

Alternative to springboard, Theme It

If you need an app that could help you to get all sorts of themes for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch than Theme It is for you. The app is available in Cydia and it contains a directory with lots of themes in which you can see screenshots of icons and wallpapers used, a description of the theme and other information relevant to it. For the moment the only themes available are paid, the free ones will soon come to the app. To install Theme It you need to add the following repo in Cydia: or just follow this link and get the app directly and transfer it over SSH to your device:

Theme It is divided in 4 sections: Home, Themes, Options and Account. You can sign up for an account within the app and then you`ll be able to search through all the themes available especially from the homepage. Sorting the themes by free, paid, newest, or name date, author, rating is a must and off course it is available. Any theme has its own details you can look after like screenshots, star ratings or compatibility with iPhone 6`s retina display. The compatible button helps in giving results on iDevice`s compatibility.

The usefulness of Theme It doesn`t end here but goes on with managing your themes, upgrading or even delete it. Theme It is also customizable giving you the option of changing the interface, receiving notifications through email for new themes or clearing image cache. Searching for themes can be done from the web also at

If you like more a visual approach than here is a video of Theme It on the iPhone.

Beware that using these kind of apps on the iPhone is tricky because it involves jailbreaking your phone, a task not too friendly for everyone! Cydia is used to install this app. Also check out 3rd party apps in the software category.

For more cydia sources for iOS 8.2 go to

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